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Displays help about widgets in the user interface.

Object Hierarchy

`-- GtkWidget
       `-- GtkMisc
              `-- GtkLabel
                     `-- GtkTipsQuery


The TipsQuery is a label which displays the tooltips of the widgets the mouse hovers. First it has to be activated with start_query() : The mouse cursor changes and the label comes to life, displaying the tooltips of the hovering widget. The query is automatically deactivated when the user clicks somewhere.

With the help of the "widget_entered" signal, one could display a small tool tip showing the extendet data of a tooltip or call a help browser. For this purpose, the private (extendet) tooltip data could contain location of the page the help browser should display.


GtkTipsQuery (void);

-- Creates a new TipsQuery object.


  Activates the widget
  Stops a started query
  Sets the widget which initiates the query, usually a button.
  Sets the tooltip label for non-active states.


  Emitted when an active tips query enters a widget by hovering it.
  Emitted when a widget is clicked while a tips query is active.

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