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Adds scrollbars to its child widget.

Object Hierarchy

`-- GtkWidget
       `-- GtkContainer
              `-- GtkBin
                     `-- GtkScrolledWindow


A GtkScrolledWindow is a window that can supply a scrollable child widget with scrollbars.

The scrollbars take their adjustment settings from the child widget and do not need adjustment configuration. Children that are not scrollable therefore need to be packed into a widget that has scrolling awareness. GtkViewport is one such widget, and can be added and configured automatically using the convenience method add_with_viewport() . The other widget that can be used for this purpose is GtkLayout, which allows multiple children to be given fixed positions and provides scrollbars.

The scrolling-aware widgets are: GtkCList, GtkCTree, GtkLayout, GtkScrolledWindow, GtkText and the catch-all GtkViewport.

Note that any scroll key bindings are taken from the child widget in the GtkScrolledWindow, and not from the scrollbars themselves.


GtkScrolledWindow ([ GtkAdjustment hadjustment = NULL , [ GtkAdjustment vadjustment = NULL ]]);

-- Creates a scrolling window.


  Returns the horizontal adjustment object.
  Returns the vertical adjustment object.
  Sets scrollbar visibility policies.
  Sets scrollbar positions.
  Convenience method for adding non-scrolling widgets.

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