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GTK Classes
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Base class for GtkHScale and GtkVScale.

Object Hierarchy

`-- GtkWidget
       `-- GtkRange
              `-- GtkScale


A GtkScale is a widget that looks very like a GtkScrollbar without the arrow buttons at either end and with the ability to display the current value as text.

There are some issues with the value display, in that scrolling-aware container widgets will not allow their child's GtkAdjustment to be overwritten, which means that the GtkScale cannot have focus unless it takes the values given by the container to the scrollable widget. This in turn misconfigures the display area, which is calculated with regard to the upper value of the associated adjustment object. When a container sets an adjustment, each value is 0 at the start, and the later values are calculated on the fly after the widgets have been drawn.

Although it is possible to use the GtkWidget method queue_resize() to force the text area to resize according to the width of the new adjustment values, the widget does not fully redraw unless it has a configure event - that is, you need to manually resize it and then restore it.

For all these reasons, it is unadvisable to use the draw-value feature where the GtkScale is associated with a scrollable widget.


  Sets number of decimal places.
  Toggles whether value is displayed.
  Sets position of numeric text.
  Returns string width of numeric text.

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