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GTK Classes
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Widget that provides a visual indication of an operation's progress.

Object Hierarchy

`-- GtkWidget
       `-- GtkProgress
              `-- GtkProgressBar


The purpose of GtkProgressBar is to show the user the progress of a long-running operation. It can be used in two modes: a percentage mode or an activity mode.

The percentage mode should be used when the application can in advance determine the total amount of work that will be done. As the operation progresses the application should update the bar widget with the amount of work completed so far. The widget will reflect this by displaying a growing percentage bar.

The activity mode is useful when the application cannot determine the total amount of work and instead simply wishes to provide an indication that an operation is in progress. In this mode, the widget will display a block moving back and forth in the progress area.

See also: GtkProgress, set_activity_mode() .


GtkProgressBar ( GtkAdjustment adjustment );

-- Creates a progress bar widget.


  Sets the progress bar style in percentage mode.
  Sets the number of discrete blocks.
  Sets the step value in activity mode.
  Sets the number of blocks in activity mode.
  Sets the orientation of the bar.
  Sets progress update value. *deprecated*

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