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GTK Classes
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Base class for widgets having their own alignment and padding.

Object Hierarchy

`-- GtkWidget
       `-- GtkMisc


GtkMisc is a base class bequeathing alignment and padding properties and related methods to its descendants.

Most widgets do not have such properties on their own account, and only get them through being packed into a multiple container such as the GtkBox family members or GtkTable, or else through using the GtkAlignment widget which is designed to lend a facsimile of these properties to its child widget.

It is therefore rare in GTK+ to find a widget capable of calling its own alignment and padding properties directly, and only GtkMisc descendants are able to do so.

This is an abstract base class, and cannot be directly constructed.


  Sets alignment.
  Sets padding.


  Relative distance from container's left edge.
  Relative distance from container's top edge.
  Padding along horizontal axis.
  Padding along vertical axis.

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