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GTK Classes
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Abstract base class for menu objects.

Object Hierarchy

`-- GtkWidget
       `-- GtkContainer
              `-- GtkMenuShell


GtkMenuShell is a special kind of abstract container that provides its descendants GtkMenu and GtkMenuBar with methods and signals that are appropriate to typical menu behaviour.

There are three keybindings set up here which are carried down to the inheriting classes. These are as follows:
Escape cancels an existing popup menu
Return activates the current selection
Space also activates the current selected item

The activate-current signal has not been documented here because any attempt to harness it beyond these bindings results in abort. The same applies to the move-current signal, implemented here and given keybindings in both GtkMenu and GtkMenuBar.

Note that GtkMenuShell is an abstract base class, and can not be constructed directly.


  Adds item to end of menu.
  Adds item to start of menu.
  Inserts item at specified position in menu.
  Emits deactivate signal.
  Makes designated item emit the "select" signal.
  Makes designated item emit the "deselect" signal.
  Makes designated item emit the "activate" signal.


  Emitted when the menu is no longer active.
  Emitted when selection is complete or cancelled.
  Cancels menu using key bindings.

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