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Horizontal box container.

Object Hierarchy

`-- GtkWidget
       `-- GtkContainer
              `-- GtkBox
                     `-- GtkHBox


GtkHBox is a box container that packs child widgets in a single row, using the packing methods inherited from GtkBox, such as pack_start() , as well as the less flexible add() method available to most container widgets. GtkHBox and GtkVBox in combination are the most commonly used packing widgets. See the GtkVBox constructor for a working example using both.

Note that all children in a GtkHBox are allocated the same height, regardless of settings and child requisition size. Widgets taking up less than the allocated height are by default centered within the available area in that dimension.

See also: GtkContainer, GtkBox, GtkVBox, GtkButtonBox, GtkTable.


GtkHBox ([bool homogeneous = false , [int spacing = 0 ]]);

-- Creates a container for a single row of child widgets.

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