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GTK Classes
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A single line text entry field.

Object Hierarchy

`-- GtkWidget
       `-- GtkEditable
              `-- GtkEntry


GtkEntry is a single line text field generally used where input is required from the user. The minimum length of the entry field is set internally at 150 pixels; the maximum length is determined by the size of the container. If the text entered is longer than the entry field, the widget will scroll so that the cursor position is visible.

Both GtkEntry and GtkText have the potential to be edited by the user, and share a fairly large number of key bindings to that end. These are listed under GtkEditable for the sake of completeness; however, note that they are replaced by a more intuitive set in GTK+ 2.0.

It will be immediately obvious that quite a few GtkEntry methods are marked here as being deprecated in later GTK+ releases. Please be aware that all editable classes are undergoing radical changes, and that deprecated methods may or may not be supportable in the future. It would therefore be wise to avoid methods marked as deprecated, as far as is possible.

See also: GtkEditable, GtkCombo, GtkList, GtkCheckButton, GtkToggleButton, GtkRadioButton.


GtkEntry (void);

-- Creates a single-line text entry widget.


  Sets text content.
  Adds text to the end of entered text. *Deprecated in GTK2*
  Adds text to the start of entered text. *Deprecated in GTK2*
  Sets cursor position. *Deprecated in GTK2*
  Retrieves entered text.
  Selects text region. *Deprecated in GTK2*
  Toggles text visibility.
  Toggles text editability. *Deprecated in GTK2*
  Sets the maximum text length.

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