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GTK Classes
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A container that controls the alignment and scale of its child.

Object Hierarchy

`-- GtkWidget
       `-- GtkContainer
              `-- GtkBin
                     `-- GtkAlignment


GtkAlignment is a container class that controls the alignment and scale of its child widget, relative to its own dimensions.

Where the child widget has sizing responsibilites to a child or children of its own, these are fulfilled as a priority. For example, a GtkButton with a label will never be scaled down to the minimal size that the same widget with no label can; the label is the button's child, and the button must honour its size request.

See also: GtkAspectFrame, GtkContainer, set_uposition() , set_usize() .


GtkAlignment (double xalign, double yalign, double xscale, double yscale);

-- Creates a container that determines its child's alignment and scale.


  Sets new parameter values for an existing GtkAlignment.

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