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GTK Enums
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Symbolic name


  0GTK_ACCEL_VISIBLE Denotes that the accelerator key along with any associated modifiers should be displayed to the right of any text in a GtkAccelLabel. Note that this will always be displayed as upper case, whereas a lower case key value is actually being returned. Use a shift modifier if this is likely to cause a problem for your users. (See also: GdkModifierTypes.)
  1GTK_ACCEL_SIGNAL_VISIBLE This flag does not work, and has been eliminated completely in later versions of GTK+. Use GTK_ACCEL_MASK to achieve the desired effect.
  2GTK_ACCEL_LOCKED Denotes that the accelerator entry is locked. However, this does not seem to work everywhere in the current version of GTK+. Call the GtkWidget method lock_accelerators() on the target widget - usually a GtkMenuItem - in order to ensure accelerator entry locking.
  3GTK_ACCEL_MASK Returns full information for a GtkAccelGroupEntry (the individual element in a GtkAccelGroup array), displaying any modifiers, the accelerator key and the name of the associated signal to the right of any existing GtkAccelLabel text.

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